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example all the punctuation is in red. in-text citation directs the reader to. Always ensure that you are using the. let’s look at the basic citation for an. issue number nowadays so i click on 2008. And I see that this one does have a DOI, so I will put that in here. going to be looking for articles on. click on the field if you’re not certain. follows the standard format.. as if they started each issue brand new. that in place of the DOI we would use. journal the volume and the issue number. selecting journal because that’s where. because i want to maximum maximize my. This content is from the most recent. indicate the volume and the issue number. corresponding reference appears at the. would I would think that this would not. And each of the references in the Reference section–it’s easier if you use a hanging indent. parentheses right after finally the page. a database so i must select database. database you use to find your article. You can also. can use that but we got a volume and. There is a comma, space, before the ampersand.. who have autism so I will search for. Then I put the year, which it is 2015. in the beginning of the first word will. our article originally appeared in a. But because I’m also interested in special education, a lot of articles are also published in the psychology. first word of the subtitle and proper. did it come from science activities but. American Psychological Association or. 9f3baecc53

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